Plant Family Crossword #1
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Plant Family #1 Crossword Puzzle  
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Note: In order to accommodate as many plant family names as possible, a number of common names, abbreviations and acronyms are also included in this puzzle. Unless otherwise indicated, give the common name or type genus of the plant family in the following clues.

Across Clues:

2. A common canine pet thought to be man and woman's best friend.
4. Sympetalous herbs, membranous calyx (ruptured by capsule) & 3 stigma lobes.
6. A climbing vine in the aralia family.
10. Family with ray and/or disk flowers, phyllaries, head and pappus.
12. Abbreviation for master of ceremonies.
15. Abbreviation for environmental impact report.
16. Abbreviation for Internal Revenue Service.
17. Herbs with 2 persistent sepals, 5 petals & 5-many stamens.
18. Family of trees producing double (twin) samara fruits.
19. Herbs & shrubs with urn-shaped flowers & capsules, drupes or berries.
20. Number of haploid chromosome sets in a seedless triploid watermelon.
22. Morning ____ family: Vines with funnel-shaped flowers & pleated corolla.
25. Succulent annuals & perennials with 4-5 petals & twice as many stamens.
28. Shrubs (herbs), petals 0, calyx petaloid, stamens 6-9: Buck____ family.
30. Monoecious shrubs & trees with seeds in small, conelike catkins.
32. Herbs with scorpioid inflorescence, regular flowers & ovary with 4 nutlets.
35. Acronym for deadly disease called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
36. Monoecious & dioecious trees & shrubs with multiple fruits & syconia.
39. Top level carnivore in Africa and San Diego County.
43. Abbreviation for genetic material that genes and chromosomes are made of.
44. Inflorescence from mulberry family used for flavoring and clarity in beer.
45. Large family of herbs with connate, bilabiate corolla & 2-valved capsule.
48. Opposite leaves, petals 0, showy petaloid perianth: ____ O'Clock family.
50. Another word for father.
51. Regular connate corolla, exerted stamens, bifid style & scorpioid inflorescence.
52. Herbs with schizocarp composed of 5 elongate, hygroscopic styles.
54. Family of monoecious or dioecious spp. with painful, urticating trichomes.
57. Abbreviation for technical knock out.
58. Family of herbs with schizocarp, umbel, compound umbel & involucre.
60. The opposite of high.
64. Abbreviation for osmotic pressure of a plant cell.
66. Seeds borne in small cones, jointed stems & scalelike leaves at nodes.
68. A haploid female reproductive cell.
71. Family with flowers having banner, wing, keel & diadelphous stamens.
72. Bulbs & corms, flowers 3-merous in scapose umbels, ovary inferior.
74. The pointed jaws of a bird.
75. A tree in the olive family.
77. A small or large stone or boulder.
79. Family with phallus-like spadix enclosed by leaflike spathe.
83. Family of herbs with spikelet, bract, perianth bristles, culm & perigynium.
85. Fermented beverage made from the grape family.
87. Abbreviation for hallucinogenic chemical found in some morning glory seeds.
88. Bulbs, flowers 3-merous in racemes & panicles, ovary superior.
89. Another word for mother.
90. Family of herbs with many petals, 5 sepals, many stamens & many pistils.
91. Abbreviation for retrovirus that attacks T-cells and causes AIDS.

Down Clues:

1. Remarkable plant family of vines with tendrils and pepo fruits.
2. Abbreviation for doctor--often associated with medical person.
3. Family with glume, palea, lemma, awn, spikelet, ligule and culm.
4. Abbreviation for a non-Mac personal computer.
5. A large bovine animal.
7. Herb with irregular (sometimes cleistogamous) flowers, including the pansy.
8. Family of trees & shrubs with 4 corolla lobes (petals) and 2 stamens.
9. Round stems, grasslike leaves & small perianth of 6 green or brown segments.
10. Shrubs and vines with compound leaves and resin ducts with urushiol.
11. Apetalous, monoecious herbs & shrubs with cyathium, milky sap & glands.
12. Family with dense glomerules of bilabiate corollas along square stems.
13. Major pollinator of flowering plants.
14. Second largest family of flowering plants on the planet Earth.
18. Family with crown, hoods, horns, translator, corpuscum & pollinia.
21. Abbreviation for a species.
23. Dioecious gymnosperm trees with large naked seeds enclosed by aril.
24. Abbreviation for blood factor in Rhesus monkey (i.e. positive & negative).
26. Family with regular, connate corolla & conspicuous connivent anthers.
27. Herbs with 4 petals, 4 sepals & 8 stamens: Evening ____ family.
28. Abbreviation for the World Wide Web.
29. Abbreviation for tuberculosis.
31. Family with fuzzy spikes, each with a million airborne seeds.
33. Common ground cover introduced from South Africa: ___ plant.
34. Family with 4 petals, 4 sepals, 6 stamens & siliques or silicles.
37. Abbreviation for a registered nurse.
38. Abbreviation for Royal Air Force.
40. Family with 2 sepals (often caducous), 4 petals & many stamens.
41. Family with monadelphous stamens united by filaments around style.
42. Edible fruit of the palm family.
46. Family with minute, leafless, stemless "plant body" that produces a flower.
47. Dark, secluded place where a bear spends the winter.
49. Family of trees & shrubs with punctate glands and hesperidium fruits.
53. A DNA donor (the opposite of a female).
55. Another name for bulrush (Scirpus californicus & S. acutus).
56. Family of submersed marine angiosperms: ___ Grass family.
58. Xerophytic family with many sepals, petals & stamens & inferior ovary.
59. Family with 5 sepals, 5 petals and a perigynous ovary with many stamens.
61. Dioecious trees & shrubs with apetalous flowers in catkins.
62. Large, xerophytic monocots with sword-shaped leaves & lilylike blossoms.
63. Herbs with digitate (palmate) leaves with 3 obcordate leaflets.
65. Family of woody, treelike monocots.
67. Herbs with opposite leaves, 2-5 styles & free-central placentation.
69. Woody vines climbing by tendrils & producing clusters of berries.
70. Prefix meaning similar or alike. (e.g. isomer and isotonic).
71. Family with needlelike leaves & seeds borne in woody cones.
73. Abbreviation for infrared (e.g. infrared spectroscopy to analyze amber).
74. Family of trees & shrubs with acorns or nuts borne in spiny involucre.
76. Eastern U.S. shrub with stiff, spiny-margined leaves & red berries.
78. The natural call of an animal (or person in distress).
80. Abbreviation for Maine (also refers to yourself in objective case).
81. Family of trees with drupes or winged nutlets (e.g. endemic hackberry).
82. Large Australian bird similar to an ostrich.
84. Large African antelope.
86. Type of fruit of the acorn.

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