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      by W.P. Armstrong 10 April 2020         May 2020 Wayne's Word Flowers  
Details & Images From 4 Different HX Cameras Appear At The Following 4 Links:
      Sony DSC-HX9V         Sony DSC-HX20V         Sony DSC-HX50V         Sony DSC-HX60V  

Facebook Trivia Note #651. Last night's super moon (called "Pink Moon"), the biggest & brightest of 2020: A break in the rain clouds over my house at 10:30 P.M. Pink moon is named after a ground phlox called moss pink (Phlox subulata) that blooms during April in the eastern U.S. I used our similar species in San Diego mountains (Phlox austromontana) for above image. Sony HX-50 Handheld Twilight Mode.

I selected the above image to illustrate how good this little macrozoom pocket camera really is. The image was taken of the super moon ("pink moon") at 10:30 PM 8 April 2020 during a continuous downpour that lasted for several days. There was one chance to get this image during a brief period when the torrential rains stopped for a few minutes and the super moon appeared in a brief window behind the thick cloud cover. I have captured many remarkable impromtu views with these little cameras, including various animals and scenery, but this one is probably the most fortuitous. It was necessary to take 2 photos: One with hand-held twilight to capture pattern of clouds in the night sky, and one to get proper exposure for the exceedingly bright moon.

SLR's with large 500 mm telephoto lenses can get superior moon images, but not quick, handheld shots taken just as the clouds separate for a short period of time. You really must click on the above 4 links to see what these little cameras can do in macro, telephoto, and twilight modes. Details of each of the 4 cameras are included along with many photo images.

The bottom line here is that you must have a camera with you at all times capable of a variety of different situations, including macro, telephoto, action, night scenes, etc. I don't always have my larger, heavier cameras, lenses and tripod with me. Sometimes the chance of a fortuitous shot lasts only seconds and is gone. A recent case in point: A beautiful buckeye butterfly landed near me while walking in my neighborhood.
29 May 2020 (3:00 PM): It paused briefly and was gone in a flash. I haven't seen one since. This is why I prefer a small pocket camera that takes high quality images. As a photographer & biologist, I never know when I will encounter another interesting or scenic photo opportunity.

One additional point. To really maximize the quality of images taken with these small cameras they often require some tweaking with an imaging program. This is where some basic skills with Photoshop comes in handy, including curves, levels, brightness/contrast, shadow/highlight, etc. The image directly from camera may appear pretty good until you see a few Photoshop enhancements!

Celestial Bodies With Handheld Mini-Camera: Try this With Your Smart Phone

I realize you can get great images of moon craters with a telescope or SLR with massive telephoto lens on a tripod, but these images were taken hand-held with a Sony pocket camera.

Saturn: Pushing My Little HX50V To Its Absolute Limits!

Venus is shrouded by clouds that reflect sunlight. About all you can see with 30x zoom is a little white ball. This image was cropped and enlarged slightly with Photoshop.

Super Moon on cloudy night over Twin Oaks Valley (26 April 2021).

A Few Special Images Taken With Hand-Held Sony DSC-HX Cameras

DSC-HX20V At L.A. County Arboretum 12 March 2013

The following images illustrate why I always carry a small point-and-shoot camera like the Sony HX50V on my belt. You never know what you are going to see on a walk, especially when you leave your heavy camera gear & tripods at home! The images may not be as good as an SLR with a prime lens and tripod, especially if you want to make a framed wall image 30 inches across, but they are certainly good for 72 dpi jpegs on-line. I don't know if Sony will continue to upgrade these HX cameras as smart phones get better and better. I was not impressed with changes made on the HX-80, mainly because they removed the flash shoe. I have not tried the HX-99 with Zeis lens.

Can you spot the Great Horned Owl in this image taken at the Los Angeles County Arboretum (12 March 2013)? The following image was taken from this spot between the two trees in foreground.

Northern Harrier Gliding Over Summit Of Owen's Peak

A Northern Harrier gliding over the summit of Owens Peak yesterday (8 June 2017). More commonly observed over marshlands, both males and females are definitely flying over and landing on Owens Peak. I have also observed a male dropping a mouse in midair that was caught by the female! Sony HX50V hand held.

Cooper's Hawk At Top Of Deodar Cedar

Crab Spider On Rose July 2015: Hand Held Program Mode

Trap-Jaw Ant From Costa Rica Next To Lincoln Penny (HX50V)

Amethyst From Four Peaks, Arizona (HX60V)

I have taken numerous photographs of this beautiful, multifaceted stone with several cameras, including my Nikon SLRs on different backgrounds with and without back lighting. Hot spots on the reflective facets really detracts from flash images. I must say that I acheived the best images of this lovely stone with the HX60V in Program Mode without flash.

Santa Rosa Basalt Brodiaea (Brodiaea santarosae) blooming in Wayne's Brodiaea Garden. I coauthored this species with Tom Chester and Kay Madore in Madrono (2007). We discovered this beautiful rare species on the Santa Rosa Plateau west of Murrieta, CA. Photographed with Sony HX60V 27 May 2020. In my opinion this image was superior to other cameras and smart phones I tried, including my Nikon SLR! See Fremontia Article

White Mtns, Arizona: Elk In A Distant Grassy Meadow (HX50V)

Surfer From The Bluff At Encinitas

Dawn In Borrego Springs 9 March 2020 (HX 50V)

View of dawn sky from Borrego Springs, Monday morning (9 March 2020).

Dawn At Wayne's Word Headquarters (HX60V)

View From Hotel del Coronado

Sunset (14 Dec 2015) from the beach in front of the Hotel del Coronado.

Sunrise From Cruize Ship

Sunrise (Thanksgiving 2023) from deck of cruize ship north of Ensenada.