iPhone 6 Images

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Images Taken With iPhone 6 & iPad
© W.P. Armstrong Updated 21 August 2021

iPhone 6

The following images were taken with a new iPhone 6 out of the box with no additional apps installed. The images were not cropped, with only minimal enhancements (borders and slight sharpening). Internal (bulilt in light source) was turned off. The landscape and macro images are quite good; however, there is only one f-stop: f 2.2. As of 13 Dec. 2014, there are undoubtedly apps that will enhance its default photo capabilities. The iPhone 6 is a remarkable smart phone, but in my opinion it does not replace the Sony DSC-HX20V or Sony DSC-HX50V that I carry on my belt. My overall conclusions may change as newer models of iPhones are released. Note: The f-stop, shutter speed and ISO information below each image are from the original JPEG files using Photoshop CS.

Some Landscape Images

F 2.2   1/800   ISO 32

F 2.2   1/470   ISO 32

F 2.2   1/120   ISO 32

F 2.2   1/2600   ISO 32

F 2.2   1/1600   ISO 32

American mistletoe (Phoradendron serotinum ssp. macrophyllum) growing on the trunk of a California sycamore on the campus of Palomar College.

F 2.2   1/1900   ISO 32

Some Close Up Images

F 2.2   1/310   ISO 32

The glorious beetle (Plusiotis gloriosa), one of the most beautiful beetles in North America. It belongs to the large and very diverse family Scarabaeidae, along with June beetles, rain beetles and rhinoceros beetles. Adults feed on juniper foliage in the southwestern United States (Texas to Arizona and northern Mexico). Their striking color actually serves as camouflage by blending in with the native vegetation. The U.S. Penny is 19 mm in diameter.

  Gloriosa Beetle Taken With Nikon SLR  

F 2.2   1/210   ISO 32

U.S. Penny illuminated by incandescent bulb in an overhead reading lamp.

  Size Of Penny Used In Wayne's Word Images  

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More Close Up Images

F 2.2   1/340   ISO 32

F 2.2   1/120   ISO 32

F 2.2   1/280   ISO 32

F 2.2   1/40   ISO 32

An iPhone image at Ralphs Supermarket in Twin Oaks Valley, San Marcos, CA: Different stages of ripeness in bell peppers. You actually get different vitamins as your bell peppers change color! In addition to their unique colors, each differently hued bell pepper has a unique array of nutritional benefits. Green peppers feature an abundance of chlorophyll. Yellow peppers have more of the lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids. Orange peppers have more alpha-, beta-, and gamma-carotene. Red peppers have more lycopene and astaxanthin, two other important carotenoids.


Water Droplets On Spider Web Between Leaves Of Holly Shrub

Starfish Flower (Stapelia gigantea) That Attracts Blow Flies!