Joshua Tree NP April 2018 Home Page
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 Joshua Tree National Park April 2018 Home Page 
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Cameras Used On This Trip: Nikon D-3200, Sony HX-50, Sony T-10
© W.P. Armstrong 14 April 2018

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Table Of Contents

     Part 1: Scenic Images (1)

     Part 2:  Scenic Images (2)

     Part 3:  Jumping Cholla

     Part 4:  Plant Images (1)

     Part 5:  Plant Images (2)

     Part 6:  Animal Images

     Part 7:  Freight Trains

     Part 8:  Ant Images (1)

     Part 9:  Ant Images (2)

Click On Part 2 To See More Images Of Sun Halo.

Click On Part 1 To See More Scenic Images.

Mojave Hedgehog Cactus: Click On Part 4 To See More Plant Images.