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(Including the Sandia Mountains East of Albuquerque)
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Cameras Used On This Trip: Nikon D-3200, Nikon D-40x, Nikon D-90, Sony HX-20, Sony T-10
© W.P. Armstrong 27 July 2016

Table Of Contents

     Part 1:  Sandia Tram

     Part 2:  Sandia Crest

     Part 3:  Monsoon Clouds

     Part 4:  Freight Trains (1)

     Part 5:  Freight Trains (2)

     Part 6:  Meteor Crater

     Part 7:  Ant Species (1)

     Part 8:  Ant Species (2)

     Part 9:  Miscellaneous

A note to viewers of this page: The primary objective of this road trip was to attend the R.A.D. (Rape-Aggresion-Defense) International Training & Certification Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Elaine received certifications for Advanced Self Defense For Women, Women's Keychain Defense Options, and Weapons Defense. The following pages contain some scenic and insect images taken along I-40 and the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque.