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   Pinnacles & Sequoia-Kings Can. N.P.     Pinnacles N.P. Nov 2011       Sequoia N.P. Aug 2004  
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California blue oaks (Quercus douglasii) in Central California
Table Of Contents

  Part 1:  Unusual & Colorful Lichens

  Part 2:  CA Coast Range & Flowers

  Part 3:  Foothills Of Sierra Nevada

  Part 4:  Giant Forest Sequoia N.P.

  Part 5:  Giant Forest & Grant Grove

  Part 6:  Kings Canyon Nat. Park (1)

  Part 7:  Kings Canyon Nat. Park (2)

  Part 8:  Fire In Kings Can Nat. Park

A note to viewers of this page: There are many scenic and colorful images throughout the 8 parts. For rare lichen enthusiasts, the images of unusual lichen on rabbit droppings are on Part 1. Additional scenic images of trees & wildflowers of the Coast Ranges and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks are on the other 7 parts.