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Santa Barbara & Sequoia National Park Road Trip October 2018
© W.P. Armstrong 18 March 2018
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  The purpose of this trip was two-fold: (1) To visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History to see my fig beetle image on display in the "Santa Barbara Gallery." (2) To visit Sequoia National Park, primarily the "Giant Forest" grove of giant sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum). [This was also a reconnaissance trip for a future family field trip in June of 2019.] My images & captions appear on two pages (Part 1 & Part 2).
Cameras Used On This Current October 2018 Trip: Nikon D-3200, Sony HX-60
Cameras Used On Memory Lane Trips: Nikon D-40x, Sony HX-20, Sony T-9, Sony T-10
Part 1 Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History: Santa Barbara Gallery

Author/photographer posing by his fig beetle image (Cotinus texana) in the Santa Barbara Gallery at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (October 2018).

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History: Live Butterfly Exhibit

The beautiful native "painted lady" butterfly (Vanessa cardui) on a population of duckweeds. Duckweeds are one of my very special species of flowering plants. This sample was especially interesting to me because it contained Lemna valdiviana which I seldom see in California. I usually find the other species with one vein L. minuta.

  Wayne's On-Line Treatment Of Duckweed Subfamily Lemnoideae  

Santa Barbara Best Western Plus: Pepper Tree Inn

This "clever" orb weaver spider constructed her web above a staircase near a light that attracted nocturnal flying insects.

  Compare with Neoscona & Araneus On My Orb Weaver Page  

Santa Barbara Zoo

Zoo train on route around scenic perimeter of Santa Barbara Zoo.

Highway 198 To Three Rivers

Kaweah River That Flows Into Terminus Dam Forming Lake Kaweah.

Dry Grassy Hills Above Three Rivers

The hills southeast of Highway 198 in Three Rivers are steep and golden yellow by late September. They are covered with blue oaks and dry annual grasses.

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