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(Including Images From Owens Valley, Sparks & Lake Tahoe)
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Cameras Used On This Trip: Nikon D-3200, Nikon D-40x, Nikon D-90, Sony HX-20, Sony T-10
© W.P. Armstrong 20 October 2015

View from Bishop, CA: Rabbitbrush & Fremont cottonwood in foreground.
Table Of Contents

     Part 1:  Scenic Images (1)

     Part 2:  Scenic Images (2)

     Part 3:  Scenic Images (3)

     Part 4:  Scenic Images (4)

     Part 5:  Freight Trains (1)

     Part 6:  Ant Species (1)

     Part 7:  Ant Species (2)

     Part 8:  Miscellaneous

Aspen grove south of Bridgeport: See Scenic Images Part 4..

A note to viewers of this page: The primary objective of this road trip was to attend the marvelous wedding of Zach & Sarah Alcantar at beautiful Donner Lake in the Sierra Nevada. The images of scenery, trains and ants were taken en route to the wedding and on the return trip. Images of the spectacular wedding will be available from the professional photographers who captured all the great moments of this spectacular event.