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   Chiricahua Mtns Road Trip Spring 2014
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Cameras Used On This Trip: Nikon D-3200, Nikon D-40x, Sony HX-20, Sony T-9, Sony T-10
© W.P. Armstrong 2 May 2014

Massai Point, Chiricahua National Monument. Click On Image To See Larger Photo
Table Of Contents

     Part 1:  Scenic Landscapes (1)

     Part 2:  Scenic Landscapes (2)

     Part 3:  Freight Trains

     Part 4:  Plant Species (1)

     Part 5:  Plant Species (2)

     Part 6:  Arizona Pipevine

     Part 7:  Ant Species (1)

     Part 8:  Ant Species (2)

     Part 9:  Ant Species (3)

     Part 10:  Arachnids (Spiders)

A note to viewers of this page: There are many landscape, plant & animal (mostly ant) images throughout the 10 parts. The Massai Point image is on Part 1. Additional images from the western & eastern sides of the Chiricahua Mtns are on Parts 1 and 2. The train images (Part 3) were mostly taken around Wilcox, Arizona and Lordsburg, New Mexico. The Arizona pipevine (Aristolochia watsonii) is such an unusual plant that I dedicated a separate page (Part 6) to this species.