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Show Low, Arizona Road Trip October 2019 (Home Page)
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  This was a road trip to Winslow, Arizona to see a flat-bed ford on a street corner and to take it easy; and to stay at the marvelous La Posada Hotel adjacent to the BNSF Railroad. It was also a visit to Arizona's beautiful White Mountains and the lovely towns of Show Low, Pinetop, Springerville & Greer. The total distance traveled was 1400 miles.
Cameras Used On This October 2019 Road Trip: Nikon D-3200, Nikon D-90, Sony HX-60, Sony T-10

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Table Of Contents

     Part 1:  Scenic Images (1)

     Part 2:  Scenic Images (2)

     Part 3:  Winslow, Ariz.

     Part 4:  Ant Images

     Part 5:  Plant Images

     Part 6:  Freight Trains

     Part 7:  Casa Malpais

     Part 8:  La Posada

     Part 9:  Show Low Museum

     Part 10:  Elaine's iPhone 8

Map Of The White Mountains Of Eastern Arizona

A Glimpse Into The Past

Aspen In White Mtns October 2012 & 2014

Aspen At Lovely Town Of Greer.

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