Scenic 10
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Selected Images From Travel Trips

Borrego Springs Sunrise: Anza-Borrego Desert

Lower Salt River, Arizona

Wild Horses of Lower Salt River, Arizona
Watching Me Photographing Ants On My Knees

Mexican Amber Wing, Kit Carson Park, Escondido

Lighthouse: Crescent City, CA

Aspen & Cabin at Greer, Arizona

Aspen Grove North of Lee Vining, CA>

Lake Tahoe

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

Pinnacles National Park, California

White Mountains, Arizona

Westgard Pass Lichens Between White & Inyo Ranges
Orange-Red Caloplaca & Chartreuse Acarospora

Mojave Hedgehog (Echinocereus mojavensis)
Joshua Tree National Park

Minarets In Ritter Range of Sierra Nevada
Ansel Adams Wilderness Area