Scenic 11
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    Scenic Landscape11    (Snow Images) 
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Selected Images From Travel Trips

Mount Shasta & Shastina, California

Mount Shasta, California

Engelmann Spruce Forest (Picea engelmannii) Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

Rare Snow Hippo Endemic To Palomar Mountain>

Rare Snow Hippo On Palomar Mountain

Sarah Practicing Cold-Weather Survival Skills In Her Igloo On Palomar Mtn

Many years ago I led a group of botany students to the ice-covered summit of 10,000 ft Mt. Baldy in the San Gabriel Range. I discovered that 2 students did not return on last ski lift that day. No one was prepared for sub-zero temperatures on the mountain so I had to call the Mt. Baldy Search & Rescue. As rescue team was preparing to leave, 2 weather-beaten, tearful students showed up in a car. They lost trail and hiked down difficult Devil's Canyon to the highway. This stressful field trip with a marvelous group of students had a happy ending!

Hood River Valley & Mt. Hood. Oregon

Mt. Denali, Alaska