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Sequoia National Park Road Trip June 2019 (Home Page)
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  This was a family road trip to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks to visit the amazing groves of giant sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum), truly one of Earth's botanical wonders. We stayed at Wuksachi Lodge nestled in the dense forest at Sequoia National Park and visited the spectacular marble stalactites at Crystal Cave & Boyden Cave. The original images are 300 dpi, with sufficient size & resolution for decent photo enlargements.
Cameras Used On This June 2019 Road Trip: Nikon D-3200, Nikon D-90, Sony HX-60, Sony T-10

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Table Of Contents

     Part 1:  Family Images

     Part 2:  Scenic Images (1)

     Part 3:  Scenic Images (2)

     Part 4:  Scenic Images (3)

     Part 5:  Cave Images

     Part 6:  Trees & Flowers (1)

     Part 7:  Trees & Flowers (2)

     Part 8:  Trees & Flowers (3)

     Part 9:  Ant Images

     Part 10:  Miscellaneous

Giant Forest Near Entrance To Sequoia National Park

The giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) literally dwarfs the other species of conifers in Giant Forest. This includes white fir, incense cedar and pondersosa pine. Other species in nearby areas are red fir, Jeffrey pine, sugar pine, lodgepole pine and western white pine. On the alpine slopes near timberline is the majestic foxtail pine. Over the years I have seen and photographed all of these cone-bearing trees.

Memories In Sequoia National Park With Elaine & Sarah
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park Road Trips 2004
  Pinnacles & Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks 2010  
[Including A Lichen That Lives On Rabbit Droppings!]

Six Pine Species In Vicinity Of Wuksachi Lodge!

Twenty (18 depending on latest reference) of the more than 100 species of Pinus on earth. All of these pines are native to the state of California. 1. Monterey Pine (P. radiata), 2. Bishop Pine (P. muricata), 3. Santa Cruz Island Pine (P. remorata), 4. Whitebark Pine (P. albicaulis), 5. Limber Pine (P. flexilis), 6. Beach Pine (P. contorta), 7. Lodgepole Pine (P. murrayana), 8. Western White Pine (P. monticola), 9. Knobcone Pine (P. attenuata), 10. Bristlecone Pine (P. longaeva), 11. Foxtail Pine (P. balfouriana), 12. Four-Leaf Pinyon (P. quadrifolia), 13. Two-Leaf Pinyon (P. edulis), 14. One-Leaf Pinyon (P. monophylla), 15. Ponderosa Pine (P. ponderosa), 16. Coulter Pine (P. coulteri), 17. Digger Pine (P. sabiniana), 18. Torrey Pine (P. torreyana), 19. Jeffrey Pine (P. jeffreyi), 20. Sugar Pine (P. lambertiana). Note: This image is scanned from a Kodachrome 35mm color transparency taken in 1974. Taxonomic changes have been made on some of these species.

Note: In the Jepson Flora of California 2nd Edition (2012), Pinus remorata is now considered a synonym of P. muricata. Another species (left image) called the Washoe pine (P. washoensis), with cones similar to a miniature Jeffrey pine, is now recognized as a variety of the ponderosa pine (P. ponderosa). In addition, the beach and lodgepole pines are now recognized as subspecies of P. contorta, rather than separate species. This gives a grand total of 18 species, 7 subspecies and 3 varieties.

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